Starstuck Quirk Generator

The Starstuck Quirk Generator is a hobby project that I started to simplify the process of allowing roleplaying partners to accurately and quickly generate the typing quirks of their characters in a Homestuck based roleplay group.

A fork of the Troll Quirk Generator by CommanderMark, it started as around 2200 lines of Typescript, CSS, and HTML. My fork currently sits at about 7200 lines of code, most of it Typescript, and is built using node.js.

The code primarily focuses on string editing and basic text replacing. It was also my first ever Typescript project. The website itself is hosted on GitLab Pages and is licensed under the zlib license.

Project Name: Starstuck Quirk Generator v2.0
Project URL:
Project License: zlib License
Project Language: Typescript
Forked From: Troll Quirk Generator
Total Lines of Code Added: ~5000